Friday, December 28, 2007

Travel Jargon

These are some of the terms that seem to confuse people the most:


Direct Flight: This is not that same as nonstop. You may have 1 or more stops BUT no change of planes.

Flight Crew: As a Flight Attendant friend of mine puts it "They are here to save your butt, NOT kiss it". US Law states that you MUST OBEY ANY ORDERS GIVEN BY FLIGHT CREW! These professionals work hard and deserve your respect.

Ticket Agent: This is the person you meet at the ticket counter and the boarding gate. These are the people to treat like kings and queens. While they can not give you everything you ask for they do control where you sit on plane, where your luggage gets routed, can help you find other connections when you miss your flight or it gets delayed or canceled. They can also DENY YOU BOARDING for being drunk or just being an aggressive, rude, obnoxious, foul mouthed person. Remember: You catch more flys with honey than you do vinegar. (And yes, I have intentionally sat people on 9 hour flights in a center seat, the non reclining seat in front of the exit row and requested bland, low salt, vegetarian meals for people that have really annoyed me...oops! my bad. I have a friend who regularly routes rude customers luggage to Peoria, IL no matter where the passenger is going. Just remember....It takes you 2 minutes to tick us off, it only takes us 36 key strokes to get even)


Connecting Rooms: These rooms HAVE a door connecting them.

ADJOINING ROOM: These room DO NOT HAVE a door connecting them. They are typically next to each other but can be up 2 rooms away or across the hall.

A Request: These are just that, a request not a guarantee. These may include: a view, high floor, low floor, non smoking rooms, King bed, double beds, not near an elevator, etc... (and a side note to all of you that freak out when a nonsmoking room isn't available...get over it. The front desk agent did not put you in that room to annoy you [most of the time]. Ask for some industrial air freshener and ask if there is one you can switch to coming available tomorrow that you can move to.You ARE NOT so allergic that you will die over night!)

Bellmen: Tipping in not a city in China! Most of these guys make about $3 an hour and work hard for your tips carrying your 3000lbs bags. Give them at least $2 per bag or schlep your own luggage.

Valet: This is the person who RUNS to get your car in the snow, rain, 110 degree heat. He also makes about $3 an hour. So give him/her a $5 bill each day! After all they are doing what you didn't want to do your self!

Car Rentals

Pre-Paid Gas: DON'T DO IT! Are you really going to return the car on empty???? If you don't you still pay for a full tank!


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